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Buying Games on Steam, Origin, uPlay, or other gaming-platforms has the advantage that you can play within minutes. But the prices for games on these platforms are equal to the expensive retail prices in real-world-stores . That’s why we created a price comparison for gamekeys. On our website you are able to compare prices between the official platforms AND all the other gaming-key-stores that are spread around the web. Our mission is to have every reliable gaming-key-store in our database to provide the best prices for any game any time.

100% Legal

Most of the time you can save between 50% and 95% in comparison to the official platforms like Steam or Origin. If you ask yourself if it is legal, we can just answer this with a “YES, it is”! Gaming-Key-Stores buy huge amounts of games in other countries, where prices for games are much cheaper than in your country. Then they scan the key of every game they bought and sell them on their website. That’s how it works and it works great! The best part is: By always using our price comparison, you will make sure to get the BEST price every time you buy a game online.

Delivery within Minutes

After buying the game online, you will get the key within a few minutes right into your mailbox. All you have to do now is to copy the key into the platform like Steam, Origin or uPlay and activate it. Voilá, you can download and play the game! It’s Easy, isn’t it? If you have any questions, just use our Feedback-Box on the left side!